Universal Remote Digital Displays

Remote-Display-Collage-500Thompson Scale Company offers a selection of 1″ and 2″ remote digital LED displays.

These displays are ideal for any application in which you need to see your data in dim or low light areas and from far away.

  • Automated batching operations
  • Warehouse Scales
  • Truck scales
  • Multiple scale meters
  • Agricultural scales and mixers
  • Unlimited applications

RL16s Universal Remote Display
The Model RL16s slimline is a 1″ high, 6 digit LED display housed in a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure. This display accepts either 110 VAC or 12 VDC, and interfaces to virtually any weigh meter or device transmitting weight data via RS-232, 20mA current loop, or RS-422.

RL26 Universal Remote Display
The Model RL26 is a 2″ high, 6 digit LED display housed in a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure, and offers the same specifications as mentioned above. This display has a viewing distance of up to 80 feet, and is intended for indoor viewing.

These two models of remote displays provide serial string and protocol selection via two eight pole dip switches. Our operations manual makes selection of data and protocol strings very simple, and it takes only a few minutes to configure the remote for proper interface to your scale device. Please take a look at our on-line manual for the remote displays.


RL16s Universal Remote Display
RL26 Universal Remote Display