Special Application Checkweighers

Special-Application-Checkweigher(Pail-Lid-Press)-260Thompson Scale excels at designing and providing customized in-motion checkweigher systems for challenging applications. We offer these services free of charge, and are extremely competitive on price.

Checkweigher designs include:

  • Multi-Lane Checkweighers
  • Hydraulic Lift Checkweighers
  • Lift-N-Weigh Checkweighers
  • Transfer of open-mouth bags up-right
  • Transfer of product on inclines or declines up to 12°
  • Roller, Table-Top, or Plastic Mesh belt conveyors
  • Explosion Proof/Intrinsically Safe Applications
  • Stop-Motion with Hand-Add feature
  • Hydraulically adjustable height for open-mouth systems
  • Power curve conveyor checkweighers

Contact us with your unique or difficult application. We welcome the challenge!

Quotation Questionnaire:

Complete our on-line questionnaire to receive a detailed proposal for your application. If you choose to fill out this form, Thompson Scale will provide a detailed proposal for equipment to meet your specific requirements. Be sure to include your name, company name, telephone number, and fax number so we can get in touch with you if additional information is needed.