Small Package Checkweighers

Sonic 350 Checkweigher

TSC 350 Checkweigher

Thompson Scale offers two types of small package checkweighers; drag chain for rigid containers, and belt conveyor for flexible and unstable products. Both are tailored to meet your exact specifications, matching or exceeding requirements for production rate, accuracy and speed.

Unique to the industry, Thompson Scale’s line of small package checkweighers require only a single static calibration to provide accurate and repeatable weights throughout the range of the scale. No need to conduct time-consuming multiple pass dynamic calibrations or to keep track of a multitude of calibrated test pucks. One single digital calibration does it all!

Our small package checkweighers are designed for wash-down and food-grade applications, using all stainless steel and wash-down rated components. Drive components are comprised of standard off-the-shelf parts that can be secured through your local distributors, or purchased directly from Thompson Scale at very reasonable prices.

The Sonic 350 Checkweigher is provided with either two or three belt conveyors mounted to a common framework. Quick-release latches make conveyor and belt removal simple and easy. Belt lengths and widths can be varied to meet your specific application. Whether it’s chicken breasts or blocks of C4 explosive, the Sonic 350 can handle your production needs. Reject devices, metering conveyors, and a wide variety of peripheral options are available to tailor the Sonic 350 to meet your specific needs. Production rates to 200 units per minute and accuracies of +/-0.2g are available.

The TSC 350 Checkweigher comes with drag chain style conveyors that are used for weighing products from eye dropper bottles to bottles of anti-freeze. Conveyors are designed specific to your application, not from a restrictive list of “standard” sizes. Height, width, weigh table, guides, metering, and reject devices are all built from standard components to meet the needs of your unique application. Production rates to 350 units per minute and accuracies up to +/-0.2g are available .

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